Year 6 Formula 1
04 Jun. 2017

Year 6 Formula 1

On 21 May, the Hall was filled with the sounds of gas-powered Miniature Formula 1 Cars. The event was the culmination of a 6 week study for Year 6 students, where they formed Formula 1 teams and designed colour schemes, logos and dreamed up race-like mission statements and mottos.

The second stage was to construct a miniature Formula 1 car with lifelike structure and tyres, and designing a body worthy of a F1 championship team.

On the day, teams raced against each other in twos, with the start being a case of who had the best reaction time, and the finish being a case of who had the most aerodynamic design.

Results are as follows:

Overall Places – Complete Teams Race – Best Average Time

1st High Speed Express 1.383 sec

2nd Minion Moustaches 1.396 Sec

3rd God Speed 1.400 sec

Fastest Lap Time

1st Life Street 1.061 sec

2nd Black Lizards 1.079 sec

3rd High Speed Express 1.082 sec

Fastest Reaction Start Time

1st  Sniper Speed 0.191 sec

2nd Wheels Of Fury 0.195 sec

3rd High Speed Express 0.196 sec

IMG_1262 IMG_1367 IMG_1721 IMG_1844 IMG_1212 IMG_1175

IMG_1769 IMG_1284IMG_2090IMG_1800 IMG_2031 IMG_1108 IMG_1117

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