Complaints Committee

We have reconfigured our School Complaints Committee here at AAESS.  The committee has been formulated to handle any of your concerns and to help and serve you as best we can.  The committee is chaired by the Principal, Mr Andrew Thomas, and consists of Mr Chris Ebbinkhuysen (Assistant Principal); Mr Zaheer Abbas (Head of Science); Mr Feras Al Tahaineh (Arabic Liaison Officer); & Mrs Fadia Samrani (Office Manager).  To make things a little easier, we have the following contact details that you may wish to use to direct a concern to us:  Mrs Fadia Samrani TEL: 0504479350; or Mr Feras Al Tahaineh TEL: 0501010902.

Alternatively we have a dedicated e-mail address: .  We value all your feedback and take all concerns very seriously, & I would ask that you please contact us direct in the first instance.  You can also visit us here and fill in one of our forms, and we would always encourage you visit in person if you can.