Head Boy Heads 100% A Level Result Pass Rate
23 Aug. 2016

Head Boy Heads 100% A Level Result Pass Rate


AAESS A level and AS level students continued to achieve excellence in this year’s examination series. AAESS A level students produced a 100% pass rate (A* to E) for the 3rd consecutive year. The AS results yielded a 2% increase in the pass rate (A to E) compared to the 2015 pass rate.

AAESS congratulates the following students for achieving A and A* grades across 3 A Level subjects; Elijah Chan, Zoe Patterson and Michael Smith. Special mention goes to Alexander Nel for achieving A* grades in Biology and Economics as well as A grades in Physics and Mathematics. Celine Bennet, Elijah Chan and Oscar Brown-Casquet produced A* grades in Chemistry. Elijah and Oscar also secured A* grades in Physics, while Michael Smith achieved an A* grade in History.

In the AS examinations congratulations go to Malek Lababidi and Christian Mourani for achieving A grades in all 4 of their subjects.

Principal, Andrew Thomas, said, “Yet again we celebrate continued success here with our A Level grades and results, & I am not surprised.  The work that the students and staff put in is phenomenal.  Yet again, we have out performed the UK results with a perfect 100%.  Congratulations to you all and I look forward to hearing about their future success as they now all venture far and, starting that new chapter in their lives”.

Pictured is Alex (left) and Elijah (right).

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The Al Ain English Speaking School is a privately owned ‘not for profit’ school. It was set up by seven local and international companies in 1978. The rationale was to provide an appropriate standard of education for the children of expatriate employers, to ensure that they would not be socially or academically disadvantaged when they returned to their home countries. We are located on the border between the United Arab Emirates and Oman in the scenic UNESCO world heritage site in the oasis city of Al Ain.

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