Ryno Selected for UAERFU Squad
12 Dec. 2016

Ryno Selected for UAERFU Squad

It was no surprise this morning when I discovered that Ryno de Bruyn, one of our many talented 6th Formers, has been selected for the UAE Rugby squad and is flying as I type this, to the Philippines to play in a tournament that will see them also in Korea and Singapore.

Ryno kicked the winning drop kick in the 2015 Dubai 7’s U19 competition that saw Al Ain Amblers take the title.  Although there was no repeat this year, it is great to hear that Ryno got the call.  This comes following a previous selection for the squad that Ryno was unable to attend due to a very nasty infection that he picked up after a rugby injury to his leg.  This hospitalised Ryno and I remember how poorly he was when I visited him in the hospital.  So, you can imagine my absolute delight when his father, Rocco, sent me the pictures of him getting on the plane this morning.

We are very proud of Ryno and we wish him all the best for his coming matches.

Andrew Thomas


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