School Routine

School Routine

The school week runs from Sunday to Thursday inclusive and the timings for all primary children are 07:45 until 14:30.

After school clubs, for those taking, part run until 15:15.


Late Arrival

School recognizes that good punctuality and attendance are important life skills and as part of our new Punctuality and Attendance Policy, we are aiming for 90%+ attendance and 95%+ punctuality. Arriving late at school is unsettling for all children and staff. Please ensure that your child arrives in plenty of time. Children arriving after registration will be marked as late. Registration (taking attendance) is a crucial time of day where outline instructions are given for the rest of the day. Your support in getting your child to school on time is appreciated..

End of Day Collection

Children should be collected in person at the end of the school day (14:30). They will not be allowed to go to the gate or car park alone and must be collected by the parent/ guardian or named individual. Each class teacher will explain where children from that class must be collected. If you know that you are going to be late, please let us know at school so that we can tell your child and him/she doesn’t get anxious. Please note, supervising children that have not been collected means that staff are taken away from their work of school improvement, preparation, planning and assessment. At the end of the day, both school gates will be open to ease congestion. Should you need to collect your child within the school day, please inform the class teacher in advance when possible. Please come to Primary Administration in order to collect a permission slip before going to collect your child.