Secondary School Routine

Secondary School Routine

Late & Absence Procedure:

The School records late arrivals and absences. If a student is late to school they must sign in at the secondary reception and collect a late slip. They will not be allowed to class unless they have a late slip. If a child is absence for any reason, a phone call will be made to ensure that the absence recorded is valid. Information is recorded on all absences and late arrivals which may have to be submitted to the Ministry of Education. A student must bring a note for any absences.

Signing Out

Students must sign out at Secondary reception and collect an EXIT PASS to hand in at Security. All students need to bring a note or call made to secondary office before leaving school for any reason. A copy of the Late and Absence procedure is available at the Secondary Reception.

Secondary School Day:

  • All Lessons are 50 minutes
  • School gates open (students may enter the school grounds, but not the main building)
  • Registration: School day begins
  • Students are marked late if not in registration
  • Period One
  • Period Two
  • Period Three
  • Break
  • Period Four
  • Period Five
  • Lunchtime (warning bell rings 12:50)
  • Period Six
  • Period Seven
  • School Day Ends

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