02May 19

Posted: 02 May 2019

Arabic Reading Competition Participants

Congratulations to our students who entered in the Arab Reading Challenge.  They have made it past the first 2 rounds and are waiting on the results from the 3rd level that they competed at in Abu Dhabi a couple of weeks ago.  In order to make it to Abu Dhabi, students had to have read 50 books.  They were then interviewed by judges and asked questions about random books, including the plot, character attributes and their feelings about the books.
Our students are still waiting on their results from Level 3.  If they are successful, they will move on to Dubai where they will go up against students from other Arab countries.
We wish them all the luck!
Year 4 – Ahmad Adnan, Tima Albanna
Year 5 – Noor Abu MURSHED
Year 6 – Sarah Atef, Tulai Albanna, Mennat Ramadan

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