29Apr 19

Posted: 29 April 2019

Aadam Munual – Dubai Exiles’ Player of the Season

Aadam Manuel plays for the Dubai Exiles Rugby Club in Dubai and has been awarded the ‘Player of the Season’ for the year. A prestigious award for anyone to earn that is even more meaningful considering Aadam is based in Al Ain. His dedication to the sport sees him traveling twice a week to Dubai for training in addition to games/tournaments.

Aadam is a very athletic individual, however, due to the limited exposure in comparison to others he trains with he has developed tremendously through the fitness offered at AAESS which has contributed to his achievement.

All of his teammates in Dubai receive training by the very well-known Apollo Training Academy. In addition, they receive extra training in tactical strategies in Rugby (full contact) which is offered at their school – namely JESS, REPTON, and DESC to name a few.

Principal Thomas added, “It’s proud moments like these that one thinks that although students at AAESS do not get the same full exposure to training as bigger city schools, the PE staff should be commended for the influence they have on his overall fitness ability. Thank you to all the PE staff!!!”

Congratulations to Aadam Manuel! A wonderful award for a well-deserving student and athlete.

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