AAESS believes that a clearly stated and sensibly implemented uniform policy is important.

There is no question that the school uniforms can instill a feeling of school spirit, sense of pride and social acceptance. It also prevents excesses in fashion trends and to eliminate competition among students, often based on parent’s ability to provide suitable clothes. The school will continue to strictly implement the proper wearing of uniforms as it represents the values and environment we endeavor to create.

For New Students it is compulsory to purchase complete set of uniforms and non-uniform pack. PE Kit will be issued on a later date as house colour still has to be given by the class teacher.

AAESS uniform is available to purchase at Zaks Al Ain, Lulu Hypermarket LLC Al Ain, Ground Floor Room 13, 14, Kuwaitat.  Telephone number 037640612.



Prohibitions in Dress and General Appearance:

The following items are NOT acceptable:

Students who violate this policy will be required to remove the offending item or will be sent home to change into more appropriate attire.

  • Above the knee skirts are inappropriate and not permitted at any time in school.
  • Boots, construction boots, hiking boots, desert boots, high heels, high tops, flip-flops, jellies, clogs, sandals, platform shoes of any kind.
  • Low cut slacks and blouses cut high at the waist and low at the neckline or tightly form fitting.
  • Protruding shoe tongues and unlaced shoes. All shoelaces must be properly tied.
  • Wide headbands, bandannas.
  • Bright-colored hair, e.g. Kool-aid colors and other dramatic effect coloring.
  • Visible tattoos.
  • Nails whose length interferes with the use of keyboard, computer, and/or adds risk to participation in Physical Education classes.
  • Face painting and markings, except on Halloween, Valentine’s Day and appropriate events.
  • No ripped, frayed, torn, cut, or dirty clothing, including such uniform items as shirts, sweaters, skirts or sweatshirts.
  • Make up (foundation or eye makeup) including nail varnish is not permitted.
  • Throughout the school day, all children (boys and girls) with long hair should have it tied back for reasons of health, safety and hygiene.
  • For reasons of Health and Safety rings, necklaces, etc, are not permitted.

Please note that:

As part of student’s sun protection plan, parents are encouraged to provide sun protection cream to their children. They may also exercise the option for their children to wear plain white long sleeved shirt as part of the summer uniform.

Parents are asked to see that all items belonging to each child are CLEARLY MARKED.

If students are in public places while in school uniform (e.g. shopping after school) full uniform must be worn properly.
An explanatory note from parents is required to be sent to the class tutor if a child is not wearing the correct school uniform. A note may also be obtained from the Shop Manager if reason is due to shortage of stocks.

Students must observe and be aware of the consequences of violating local Customs.

The School’s Senior Management Team will be the final arbiter in matters relating to the uniform.

All members of the school staff are conscious of their role in implementing this policy by setting an example in their own neatness and appropriateness of dress and by ensuring that children are neatly attired when participating in any school activity.

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