12Mar 18

Posted: 12 March 2018

Arabian hospitality

Last week we held interactive My Identity assemblies by Mrs. Iman and her team. The students learnt new information about the Arabian hospitality, such as how the coffee is made and served in an emarati majlis. They also learnt new signals that indicated if a person wanted more coffee or not! The stage had the theme of a majlis  (where people meet) where the students presenting the information acted out the scenarios to help the young ones have a better understanding. Questions were then asked in which by it was shown that all the students had understood the information as most of them were jumping and excited to share their knowledge which they had gained from the presenters!  The winners were given a traditional tasty and delicious desert. The greatness of the efforts of Mrs. Iman’s team of students ranging from primary and secondary that they had put in and their hard work was shown through the assembly!It was enjoyed by all and everyone felt happy. All of the students are now enthusiastic to see their next performance!!!







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