18Mar 18

Posted: 18 March 2018

Camel race

Last Wednesday 14th March we had 5 guests come to our school, where each student from FS2 till year 6 had a chance to meet them. Our assemblies were about camels and the prizes that the winners got in a camel race. We introduced some new words about the equipment a camel has for a race and learned names of different aged camels. We also explained that we could know the age of a camel by the number of teeth they had. The UAE is a desert and therefore a camel has to be adapted to that environment. We discussed these adaptations and the students were glad to share their knowledge! Everyone was excited and the teachers were also given a try. The young ones were surprised to see that our guests were actually camels! The teachers and students each took their turn in having fun and riding the camels. We also had an inspector visit us who was glad with the assemblies and activities. It was an exciting and busy day, but at the end everyone felt happy and thrilled for more.



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