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Posted: 04 March 2020

Message from the Principal – 4th March UPDATE

Dear Parent / Guardian,

We have contingency plans for when the school may need to close at times which are not nominally set as holidays. As you are aware we are currently in the middle of such a period. Therefore, I wanted to share with you the complete learning plan (attached) so that you have all the information at your fingertips. As we understand fully the implications of the announcements from ADEK, we will keep you updated as soon as we have the information.

We will be using Google Classrooms from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 5, and we will be supplying hard resource packs and guidance for Key Stage 1.  Students will be shown how to use and access Google Classrooms tomorrow.

Please keep an eye on our website and our Facebook page as we roll out this programme.  Staff will be preparing these lessons next week, where you and your child will be given access to 5 weeks worth of learning for their subjects.   Naturally we require your support to ensure students access and complete this work, so that they are not disadvantaged.

On Thursday 5th March at 1500hr, we will be holding a Parental Clinic in our auditorium, about Google Classrooms.  Please note that this is a session for you to understand how the system works, not why we are using it.

I also attach links to access information on E-safety, which we take very seriously here.  There are details of how to require any additional help or support on E-Safety in the presentation.

These types of interruption should not be seen as “time off” but rather opportunities for rich learning experiences for you children.

Andrew Thomas B.Ed (Hons) M.Phil NPQH


E-Safety Presentation can be sourced from: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/12J6vzrk5aQC09hO9aHq0AiVamAJq4d1HPSqUSFpy3Lo/edit#slide=id.g703ca30c39_0_24

Please take a look at our policy regarding unexpected school closures:

POLICY:  Unexpected Closing and Distance Learning


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