Key Stage Four: IGCSE

Key Stage Four: IGCSE

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) has been designed for 14 to 16 year old and aims to prepare students for further academic success, including progression to A and AS Level study.

It also equips students with the skills needed for immediate employment. IGCSE is equivalent in standard to the British GCSE and is recognized as evidence of ability by academic institutions and employers around the world. Indeed, the terms GCSE and IGCSE are used interchangeably. At AAESSwe place great emphasis on each student achieving their full potential. In order to do this, we aim to work closely with parents and students in choosing the correct balance of subjects to follow in Year 10. We offer a wide range of subjects, and their descriptions are to give both parents and students as an insight into what the subject will involve. However, before choosing subjects, students should be encouraged to meet the subject teachers and discuss whether a particular subject is the right choice.

Why choose AAESS?

Over the years, the school has built up a great deal of experience in the teaching of IGCSE subjects and effective preparation for examinations. All our senior staff are experienced IGCSE teachers and we believe that this is vital to ensure that students receive the best preparation for their IGCSE examinations. However, at AAESS we do not feel that we are just preparing students for examinations. Throughout their time in the school we will work closely with each individual to ensure they achieve their full potential.

What subjects can I study?

At AAESS we are in the enviable position of having high quality staff who are able to teach their specialist subject to the highest level. This allows us to offer a considerable range of subjects as shown below.

Compulsory GCSE Subjects:

English, Maths, Science

Optional GCSE Subjects:

Art & Design, Business Studies, English Literature (taken as part of the English curriculum), French, Geography, History, ICT, Travel & Tourism, Spanish, Music

IGCSE provides a broad study program by drawing subjects from five areas:
Languages, Humanities & Social Sciences, Mathematics, Science, Creative, Technical and Vocational

Within the curriculum, there is a balanced mix of practical experience and theoretical knowledge. Differing abilities are accommodated with a choice of Core (or Foundation) and Extended (or Higher) papers in most subjects, making IGCSE suitable for all students. Core levels allow achievement at grades C to G, whereas Extended levels cater for achievement at grades A* to E.

What Should I Be Aiming to Achieve?

The minimum target for all students should be at least 5 IGCSEs at grade C or higher. This allows entry to the AAESS 6th Form and from there, progress to University in the UK, Middle East or elsewhere in Europe and North America.

Personal Targets

At AAESS, we regard each student as an individual and expect everyone to reach their full potential. In order to support this process, each student will be set personal targets in each subject they are studying. These targets are based on previous work and scores achieved in assessments at the end of Year 9. We will then work closely with students and parents to ensure that these targets are met.

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